Mor"bid (?), a. [L. morbidus, fr. morbus disease; prob. akin to mori to die: cf. F. morbide, It. morbido. See Mortal.]


Not sound and healthful; induced by a diseased or abnormal condition; diseased; sickly; as, morbid humors; a morbid constitution; a morbid state of the juices of a plant.

"Her sick and morbid heart."



Of or pertaining to disease or diseased parts; as, morbid anatomy.

Syn. -- Diseased; sickly; sick. -- Morbid, Diseased. Morbid is sometimes used interchangeably with diseased, but is commonly applied, in a somewhat technical sense, to cases of a prolonged nature; as, a morbid condition of the nervous system; a morbid sensibility, etc.


© Webster 1913.

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