Vitamins are good for you! The February 2004 Copenhagen nodermeet

Why: Because ascorbic, in his determination to ensure that none of us catches scurvy, is coming to Copenhagen, Denmark.

Where: In what has by now become a quasi-tradition of Copenhagen nodermeets, we start off at a bar in downtown Copenhagen called Klaptræet, located on Kultorvet close to Nørreport Station (follow Frederiksborggade towards the city center from the station, and you'll be there in two minutes).

When: February 26, 2004, at 21:00, and until folks give up.


  • Definites:
    • ascorbic is the reason why
    • liveforever is the guy who has to teach impressionable young minds the following afternoon, and therefore cannot
      afford to get too hung over (unlike last time), but will definitely be there. He may not get drunk, but when did that
      ever stop him from being cheerful?
    • andersa says "count me in"
    • (your name here)

  • Maybes:
    • montecarlo is desirous of being counted among the incipiently present
    • (your name here)

How it went:

First to arrive was ascorbic, who had almost not made it, at all. Apparently, Mr. Vitamin had neglected to make a hard copy of the address of the nodermeet, in the vain and foolish expectation that E2 would be continually available. Of course, it wasn't, so some mobile phone magic was required. Still, he made it.

Next, in short order, liveforever and andersa arrived - and then montecarlo. The requisite number of noders being present, we proceeded to shoot the breeze, talking about subjects as varied as sex, noding, job experiences, and the odd distribution of noders in Europe (many-many editors in Bristol, and hardly any female noders in the Nordic countries).

From Klaptræet, we soon moved our venue to Café Klimt, further down Frederiksborggade (and closer to both the places that montecarlo and ascorbic were staying at). Just after midnight, montecarlo bowed out, and we went on to Café Sussie for more beer. A half hour later, andersa took his leave, and ascorbic and I went on to an all-night shawarma joint (I had a falafel, mmm... yummy!).

After that, it was time for a final beer at Barcelona, then I walked ascorbic back to his hostel. I was home shortly before 2 AM, and I am happy to report that I had very little hangover the next day. Not like last time - of course, my official nemesis had not provided any nasty surprises this time around, so that may account for my comparative well-being.

Things I learned:

I love the soft links this WU has attracted. Don't ever change, guys! :-)