Sci*am"a*chy (?), n.
A fighting with a shadow; a mock contest; an imaginary or futile combat.

Keys rattling in your pocket--

the broken skeleton of a parting.

Sleeping alone, you realize that the dark is more than just a room's deprivation of light
and the absence of a pulse in close proximity is almost overwhelming.

I slept for a while and sometimes, maybe, still on my stomach with my arms crossed
--hands to chest--
because I couldn't regulate my breathing or still my thoughts.
The beats were (for whatever reason) part of me
but not enough so that I didn't recognize them as something also apart from me.

your advice:
sleeping on your stomach provides greater comfort.
the pressure of a bed is preferable to the weight of a ceiling.

You, who seems to never sleep...
I wish for you a morning ( soft ) that tiptoes in oh so very quietly
and puts the shadows to bed.

sometimes in the middle of chaos, the universe shifts,
putting the right people in the right place at the right time

if THAT was just a shift, you said,
i'd be curious to see what a hard jolt is like


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