As we enter the third calendar month of my editorship (why is it that I get the feeling I've been suckered?), I must once again perforce list some of my contemplations of editorial philosophy. See last month's log for ruminations on softlocking and editor cools. This month, I present, for your downvoting pleasure:

Personal prejudice among editors is unavoidable. We're only human, after all (although there may be exceptions). Nevertheless, there is a fine line between rational and irrational prejudice. Certain types of nodes annoy me for personal reasons, but if they are well-written, they should not fall under the category of "nukeworthy". In these cases, I maintain a determinedly hands-off policy. I tend to stay away from the crappy nodes of this ilk, too - in order to avoid the appearance of impropriety. I'll leave the impropriety to the gods, who are past grand masters at that... :-)

Nose to the grindstone: