The name for a particularly durable outdoor hat that gains its name from the company that created it, Tilley Endurables. Arguably, the best outdoor hat in the world. This hat includes the ingenious "Wind Cord" that prevents the hat from falling off, no matter how high the wind gets. With its introduction in 1983, it gained in popularity because of its use by Canada's America Cup team and by its use by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

The hat is guaranteed for life and will be replaced for free if it ever wears out and is also insured for two years. If you lose the hat (as could be expected on the ocean) Tilley Endurables will sell you a new one for half price. It is probably the only hat that comes with its own 4 page manual and recommends that you put it in your will.

I've found that the hat is very popular with sailors and in tropical areas. I, personally, have seen many Tilley Hats in both Hawaii and the Cayman Islands. They are virtually unknown on the mainland of the United States. Several people I have met swear by their Tilley Hat and have worked their way through two or three of the hats, by loss, not wear and tear.

If you want to buy a Tilley, it will probably run you about US$55

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