American rock band, formed in 1990 in Georgia. Band members included lead singer Jesse James Dupree, guitarists Jeff Worley and Jimmy Stiff, bassist Tom Bettini, and drummer Chris Worley at the band's formation, though they later kicked out Stiff and Bettini and hired guitarist Roman Glick. They are, to my knowledge, the last '80s-style hair-metal band still releasing new albums on a regular basis.

Their first album was self-titled and featured a gimmicky song called "The Lumberjack" which was possibly the first song to feature a solo on a chainsaw--the novelty got the band a lot of play on rock radio stations. Their other albums have included 1994's "Push Comes to Shove", a 1996 live album called "Night of the Living Dead", 1997's "Cut the Crap", 1998's "Stayin' Alive", and 2002's "Relentless".

Can we get into the blatant opinion part of the writeup now? Good. I hate this band so damn much. I liked an awful lot of the hair-metal bands, but these guys have picked all the dumbest cliches of the genre (cheap booze, cheap bimbos, cheap licks, cheap haircuts, primp-and-pose machismo, and leather pants) and have spent the last 10+ years just hammering away at them like they think they'll come true again through repetition. They jumped onto the tail end of the hair-bandwagon and have hung on for dear life, never changing their sound from the Warrant/Skid Row copies they started out as. Dupree does a damn good Bryan Johnson impression, but if all you want is a guy who can sing like the lead singer from AC/DC, I can recommend a hell of a lot of AC/DC albums for you to listen to instead.

Grunge should've killed them. Nu-metal should've killed them. But record companies keep cutting their albums, music listeners keep buying their records, and the piece-of-shit rock radio station I listen to keeps playing their songs. I don't know if I should respect their longevity or loathe them for their cartoonishly massive levels of suckitude.

Oh, wait. Now I remember. It's the second option. Always has been...

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