I am having a party on October 7th. I told my friends I would so I must go through with it. Last night, Paco left a message on my voicemail, "we are going to bring the MTX's, we will only invite like 30 people..we'll camp out in the back yard." The MTX's? That's 1500 watts! Do we really need that much sound for 30 people?

I think Paco is trying to pull a fast one on me. I am going to need to lay down some rules and look like bitch...but I've got to. To Paco, the more sound, the better. He's the only DJ I know who actually gets kicked out of his own gigs at clubs for "pushing" the system to hard. "We gotta bang it," he says. He's blown speakers in half a dozen major clubs from Ft. Lauderdale to Miami. He's even blown the MTX's a number of times. He can't understand that more sound sometimes deteriorates its quality.

I was just sitting outside on some steps at my university smoking a cigarette when a black woman sat down next to me.

"Are you Greek?" she asked.
"I am going to a greek restaurant tomorrow night and was wondering if you could recommend some dishes."

I proceeded to tell her some of my favorites and she thanked me and walked off. It delights me to be thought of as Greek instead of Italian which is what everyone ususally thinks, but what a strange question to start a conversation off with...