I'm getting hooked to writing daylogs, I guess, and this bunch of everything stuff. Uneventful morning after the first week of class. Some chatting with an aussie friend on ICQ. Had food.

A friend called me asking for help for setting up a nagravision decoder, as he bought a tv-tuner and wanted to watch Canal Plus, Europe's most famous pay channel. Got it working, of course :-).

Next up to our rpg club, where I found some guys I hadn't seen for months. Got to do some work for a massive rpg we are preparing; 40 players simultaneously on some big scale model of a town, with 10 GM's GM'ing at once... yeah, I know MUDs are for these kind of things, but we are quite traditional.

Today, we did some work toward the character sheets.

Not much more worth commenting, methinks...