I had the scariest 'dream' in my life last night. I'm not sure if it was really a dream or not, but I almost paralysed me with fear for 5 minutes.

Basically, I was lying in bed, drifting off to sleep -- my mind was wandering, daydreaming about I don't know what (I distinctly remember it being odd, but nothing more). My dream got to a bit of a climax -- I think I was lunging to hit someone I hated or something -- when out of the blue, I heard a female voice whispering "David" (that's my first name) apparently into my ear, and it sounded real enough to snap me straight out of my dream. My door was shut, there was no way it could be opened without me knowing because it squeaks incredibly loudly. My window was slightly ajar, but anyone entering would have to have made an awful clatter coming in and I would have noticed. Unfortunately, I was lying facing the wall at this point, and the fact that someone had just come out of nowhere and whispered my name in my ear simply paralysed me. Eventually, I turned over to see an empty room.

I think it's possible that I'll never forget that happening.

Funny thing, this is my writeup that's going to get me to lvl 2, so YAY ME!
I had a very bad night lastnight. Appropriately, I had a very good dream. I dont remember it all, but I know there were cute girls in it. Like most of my cute girl dreams it wasn't a wet dream or really anything of a blatantly sexual nature, I just feel very relaxed in the presence of cute girls who I know and trust. Anyways, back to the dream.
Sitting somewhere in a building with a wall missing, talking about our lives. These are the types of dreams I have when I've had a very hard day. While I never know what I said in the dream, I have a good idea once I wake up. I talk about the things in my life that I push aside into my deep subconcious because they're either too hard to deal with conciously, or they're just unimportant at the time. The problem is they build up and I throw myself into this dream where I basicly meditate on them. Sorry this isn't much of a dream, but that's kind of how it is in these dreams. Not so much a dream, but a subconcious therapy session with made up crazy people. -doug

...faint memory of making out with Andreea (ex-girlfriend, still friends) in her Boston pad... I found myself in a mall that looked much like a casino (lots of blinking lights and lush carpeting.) I had nowhere to go, just time to kill, and was accompanied by Andreea, who had similar ambitions. A high-class local restaurant had moved into the mall, and she insisted that we go and get something to eat. Mentally, I objected, not wanting to pay that much for dinner that night, but we went anyway. The lady seating us said that they were fully booked, and that we would have seats 13a and 14a. When we went around, we found that they were facing a store rack in the shampoo isle. I was taken aback by this oddity, but Andreea wasn't bothered in the least and went to the Wine aisle. When I went around the corner I noticed that I was in the same place as last night when getting off of the monorail.

Not a lot of noding from me recently. It's tough, now that I'm a full-time member... of the Dream Recovery Squad! (cue the funky theme music)

    Dead Monkeys

    I don't know where I was or why I was there, but I had to walk through a field/garden where monkeys had been killing each other. There were bits of monkey arms and monkey bodies and monkey heads everywhere in blood. I tried to go away but the people around me kept pushing me to the ground and on top of the monkey remains.

    Then I woke up and someone was there and so the dream didn't seem that real.

Another job well done... for the Dream Recovery Squad! (instrumental reprise of theme, roll credits.)

The Dream Recovery Squad is unaffiliated with the Nodeshell Rescue Team.

in our last episode... | p_i-logs | and then, all of a sudden...

I was drifting through the Deep South for some reason, just hitchhiking from place to place, and somehow I ended up staying in an old condemned mansion with a bunch of other drifters. The corrupt sheriff of the town we were in kept on trying to run us all out of town.

Eventually, there was an election for the position of sheriff, and we all tried to go out and vote. But one of his thugs was at the polling station, checking everybody's ballots to make sure that everybody had voted for the old guy, and he wouldn't let us vote against him. So we stood outside the polling station all day, starving, and the sheriff's thug promised us all full meals if we'd only change our votes, and nothing but a beating if we didn't.

Then for some reason, the whole town was in chaos, things burning and people running away, and I somehow ended up looting a convenience store run by one of the sheriff's cronies, behind the counter, throwing cartons of cigarettes and 30.06 ammo into my backpack. And then I was leaving town, walking down the highway, with everything burning behind me, and that's all I can remember.

I've been having a lot of cinematic dreams lately, but this has to be one of the most cohesive and story-laden. I'm not even going to try to figure out what it means.

I dream of a place, a city I have never been too. The most amazing thing is the sound. Music spills out from every door, window and stranger on the street. Some music is visual, colors like piled up notes, stacked in flowerpots and dashing around corners. I can close my eyes and lift into the air, horizontal and rippled. I can ride the sound wave, like a cartoon where the character floats on a delicious aroma until he finds the source, then he gets to eat the pie. Jazz pie, cooling on the windowsill.

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