I suck. I was late. I scheduled drinks with a few friends, RIGHT before I was suppose to go to dinner. My friends were late, which made me late. I forced one of them to accompany me to Lombardi's, part out of fear no one would be there, and partly because I am actually quite shy. Only part I didn't figure in.. "Walking into a group of new people drunk is never a good idea".

By the time I got to the restraunt, everyone was basically done eating. I had a beer and some pizza, and tried to remember first names/faces/handles. The first names were much easier.

We cabbed it to Windows on the World, but were denied because of a shoe policy. Kit lo ditched out because the smoke was making him cough, and because he felt a bit out of place. We landed up at this dive bar, that had couches that smelled of mildew/cat piss.

That is the best summary of the evening I can give from my side. Showing up drunk, and drinking made exact details blurry, and the details I remember would probably bore anyone who wasn't there.

My take on the night was this.. everyone seemed really nice. I am really glad I went. I did feel bad for being late, and also a bit out of place. I am a pretty neurotic person, and meeting new people .. well I assume they will all hate me. Yossarian commented on how diverse we all were.. I think I know what he meant.. but I have a feeling we all had a lot more in common under the surface. Everyone there seemed like good peoples. So far I have been to this, and the Florida Everything Get-Together.. 100% of the people have been really cool, and nothing but nice.. and that alone rules. In my mind.. they thought I was a over-chatty lush, and hated me.. but I hope that is just my paranoia.. All in all it was a good night (tm).

**I only talked about breasts, because someone else brought up the node Wanted: Your Breast. Otherwise the conversation would have been breast-less.