This is the second in a series of weird dreams for me. I'll write up the first one a little later, as it's quite involved (it occured Saturday night/Sunday morning, and I'm still sorting it out in my mind).

I'm together with a bunch of my old friends from high school. Only in my dream, they're not my friends, they're my enemies. They're pure evil. They're saying evil things about me, things that aren't true. We're in some metallic grey-white room with a door that leads to the outside of one of the companies where I used to work. There's a vending machine selling drinks and snacks in very weird wrapping/containers, and nothing else in the room.

The people are talking to each other, mostly about me. I go outside, and get in my car (which is the same kind my dad drives). One of them is in the car with me, and I just want him out. He was a good friend of mine who I never talk to any more, but he was just pure evil in the dream, taunting and teasing me. I drive for a long time, across winding mountain roads, and end up at a house. I believe this is my house, or my future house, or the house of my dreams. It doesn't matter. It's fairly large, very ritzy. I tell my friend, who is still really, really evil, to look at it, because it's mine. He shuts up. The dream ends.