01:34 GMT

Today seemed even more uneventful than yesterday. I woke up 2 minutes before my alarm clock went off. It's really strange how that happens. I set it just so that I would make sure not to sleep into the afternoon, not that it mattered anyway since I didn't do much.

I burned a CD with a good collection of the songs I currently like most. I didn't like a few songs that were on the old CD anyway. The new CD has the following songs:

Semisonic - Closing Time is my current favorite. It's much easier to play music in the car when you put all of your songs on one CD. I'm just glad that the CD player in my car is able to read the CD-Rs.

I went to the gym at about 4pm and spent a good hour there, probably my best workout since last saturday. I'll probably be a bit sore tomorrow.

I got a reply to one of my personal ads; the entire contents of the message was "Hey i like your profile email me sometime." Usually people who reply at least say something about themselves :)

It looks like Florida is giving in to Bush. I really don't care anymore at this point. If Bush won, then that kind of sucks, but at least the people know the popular vote went to Gore and that means the conservatives will be walking on eggshells. If Gore won, then we will have a balance between the president and congress, but I have to hear all of the conservative rhetoric for at least another four years. Either way I lose. Either way I win. I don't care anymore. I wanted to vote for Nader but it was too close.

For now, I'm going to go get the bills written out and then I think I'll watch one of my DVDs that I haven't opened yet.

05:58 GMT

I paid the bills, but I didn't watch a movie though. I updated my bio on my website, had a snack, browsed slashdot, downloaded some bluebird pictures, and brushed/flossed my teeth.

I need to remember tomorrow to do a few things:

Time for sleep now. Goodnight.