Ok, I think I'm back in sync with my days here.

Today was a rather uneventful workday. Our group got together today (including TC) and we had some fun. Sara met up with us (and JS) for lunch at Wendys, then she got together with Ann for a while to go play pool. She came back to visit us at around 4pm, planning to just stop by on her way home for the day. Someone talked her into coming with us and hanging out tonight, but she had some Physics lab work to do, so we all went down to her place to pick up her schoolwork. We went by Ann's work and waited for her to close up the store. Then we went back to Ann's apartment for a while so Sara could finish up her schoolwork. By the time we were done there, it was getting late so we just went to Denny's for some food. By the time we were done there, it was past midnight so everyone had to get home for school/work tomorrow. I felt bad because Sara had to drive another hour to get home after all that.

It was a great day. I gave Sara backscratches while she was doing her schoolwork and while she was playing video games. I got the door for her when she was getting into my car from Denny's. When we got to the mall (where Ann's works), she was getting hypoglycemic and this was making her feel upset and sort of short tempered (especially about her schoolwork). We were alone for a while in the food court and she was still a little upset about a few things, and was going on about it all and then she finished it all off looking directly at me "... but it doesn't really matter to you, because you love me anyway". She said it in a way that she had been thinking it, but hadn't meant to say it, and was hiding her face by the time she finished the sentence. It's the first time anything like that has been said between us. I do love her. I'm glad she knows that I love her and I'm glad that that she seems to feel that is a good thing. :)

After we got back to Ann's, I sat there next to her just watching her do her schoolwork. I was watching her intently as she worked, admiring her deep brown eyes, long eyelashes, dark petite eyebrows, her long slender neck, beautiful puffy brown curly hair, soft shoulders, thin arms with a few little freckles here and there (I even remember some of them), beautiful feminine hands, long unpainted fingernails. I don't even know if she knew I was watching her for so long and looking at her so intently; but I was, and I don't care if she knows it becuase I love her :)

It's not all just me though, she returns the gestures. She gave me hugs and rested her head on my shoulder at the restaurant, consoled me when I was the odd person out, and rested her back against me when she was sitting on Ann's bed playing Donkey Kong.

I feel great, but I don't want to feel too great, because I never know if or when we will reach a point where she will put up a stop sign and that will be the depth where our relationship will have to stay until she finishes school.