The weekend was great; today was strange.

Ben was over this weekend. He was sweet the entire time; we didn't fight at all. We went to this wonderful Italian restaurant. Ben took forever eating his pasta, each chew an eternity. I don't mind. It feels great to be in love. Today I started reading to him about Japan and he suddenly burst into tears. Sometimes I don't even want to go. I noticed today that I missed the deadline for Law School in Ontario; maybe I'll try BC or Quebec instead. I have to do a lot more research on it. If it is anything like this bullshit Business School, screw it.

I met two groups today. One group simply couldn't follow logic. They could not understand that sometimes you can use two frameworks on one problem. They didn't even know what mutually exclusive meant! AH! Get me out of here!!! Then Mike appeared. He was rightfully angry at me. I missed a meeting this morning because I thought it was Friday for some reason. Everyone is getting all 'survival of the fittest' now. I wanna go home Just 6 more months and I will be free. After reading this, I realize that I gotta calm down and focus on what is important. Whatever happens, I still have Ben. He is the constant. I know he will never fuck off like everyone else seems to.