First day of editing, and I didn't kill everything.

Cooled C!hristmas by AlexZandar. Good original content. Good original content makes baby Jesus happy.

Cooled On being the Older Woman by Trina. Very good writing, very promising noder.

Cooled Creole/Cajun Cuisine Metanode by Evil Catullus. Factual, content rich nodes like this are often overlooked.

Swept under the rug:
  • What's the best T-shirt slogan you've ever seen? by gkAndy. Consisted of "I once saw a photo of a biker going down a road, with the slogan on his T-shirt reading : "If you can read this, the bitch fell off" This has to be a candidate :)" Too bad that was already listed by Lith in the second writeup. I suggest paying very close attention to jessicapierce's not-so-subtle hint in the first writeup in that node.

  • How did you choose your Everything username? by everyone. Writeup consisted of several pages of blank space and "none of yous bitchuz took it yet, to I owns it now. Byeach." Stop wasting time and space. No one thinks it's funny, and things like that will piss off the management enough to remove the account.

  • Sub7 by splitrocket. No links, "six maybe? just thought I'd throw that out there." Just thought I'd throw it to the wolves.
Regarding dem bones' use of drugs: HELL YES HE DOES. I can attest to that. Remember in Half Baked when Bob Saget yelled "I used to suck dick for coke! That's an addiction man!"? Based off of bones.