A dockable front-end for the KDE clipboard system. Lets you choose from differnt clips, keeps a history, etc. Is usually included with most KDE setups and *nix distributions.

Klipper is a company that makes tennis racquet stringing machines.

The Klipper company was founded in 1967, (by a former assistant director at Wilson Sporting Goods). Their goal was to make the best stringing machines on the market. They soon designed and patented the worlds first automatic hydraulic racquet stringer. Their "Electro-Matic" model stringer soon became the fastest racquet stringer available, this placed them firmly on top of the stringing industry, (although, you have to admit, it isn't that big of an industry).

The Klipper company has since expanded to offer an entire product line of strings, grips, and other tennis accessories.

You can visit their website at

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