Title: Caesar
Author: David Lester and Simon Bradbury
Released: 1993 by Impressions
No. of disks: unknown
HDD installable: Yes
Languages: English, German
RAM: 1meg required

Similar to the 1990 Centurion and detailed in the constructs of a roman city simulation. The player had to defend against attackers, appease the emperor with boys and gifts, while having secret aspirations of promotion to larger cities and finally becoming Caesar themselves (Caesar in this context being a title, like King or Queen - not just the one bloke).

So it's a just cross between SimCity and Populous. Power poles were instead lead water pipes. But it's a good one. Memorable for it's intuitive interface but complex game rules.

David now works at Sierra while continuing his efforts to help small business. His motto is "simplicity and depth"

Download a free full legal copy for DOS: <http://www.impressionsgames.com/caesar.html>