Julius Caesar, the president, believes he is no trouble whatsoever. He has a clean history (as for what the people know) and he knows the only way he could have gotten to this place is if the people loved him and he was doing a good job. Everyone loves him and he's not screwing up, "what is there to worry about?" he thinks. The one thing that he knows is a problem, he pushes to the back of his mind. There is always the threat of assassination, even if most everyone does love you. Mr. President enjoys a good round of golf occasionally. He's not very good at the game, but no one has to know it. His true calling, as a sport, was baseball. He was an incredible baseball player and is now in the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Besides those things he does prize his baseball card collection, being a baseball player himself previously. He does not have much freetime nowadays because he is making political appearances which have to be constant, now that the U.S. is so large, and is making huge decisions every day. The one thing he's most glad for is that he no longer has to debate with anyone or meet with foreign governments anymore. His thoughts on the idea of being a king are: "Some people may abuse this sort of power. But not me. I'm not like that. I'm better than that". Although quite sincere, rationalizing is the the best thing Mr. President does. He just pushes these things, like many of the other thoughts that flood his mind everyday, to the back of his head. The supreme court has been eliminated. The only person to consult for judicial matters on that level is the president. Caesar is eagerly awaiting, what he is sure of, to be the elimination of voting. His second term is almost up and who needs voting when the president does what you want. After voting is eliminated, it is obvious, to him atleast, that he should rule until he dies or he is incapable and that he should soon pick his successor. He has had a sharp eye on Antony and Brutus for that reason, and one on Cassius for another.


Marc Antony, the president's personal advisor and publicist has one thing in mind for the president: king. With the Caesar Administration doing so well, in March, Antony proposed the monarch idea to congress. Although some were reluctant, ninety percent were not and they voted that Caesar be king. Caesar refused this once again, as this had already been done twice previously in August and December. His main focus in recent times has been the president's haircut.


Brutus, has known caesar for many years and fought with him in two wars, however, he was one of the only people not to vote Caesar king. He knows that Caesar is a good man, but knows also that there should be no king. Brutus has followed in his father's footsteps in being a politician, but he has done a good job of that too. He enjoys fishing very much, and even though it is the act of killing fish, it is the one thing that is able to relax him. He needs to be relaxed because of all the great things that have been happening to him and the states. A king is the last thing he expected for America, but there is nothing he can really do. He loves Caesar and the only thing he can do is become sick over the matter. This has also worried his wife, who has stopped making any sort of appearances with her husband and is also on several anti-depressant drugs and seeing a psychologist.


Cassius has been very bitter lately. He, like Brutus and many others, has know Caesar for a long time and cannot figure out why Caesar, and not himself, is doing so well, and when voting is eliminated, so will his chances of ever being president or in any position of power. He wont even be a senator anymore. His bitterness has driven him away from the public who no longer cares for him much and Caesar has become his obsession.

Can you guess who these people are in real life?
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