Type of roll or bun whose origin seems to be in Germany. That's corn meal on top, there. Sometimes, when Dave Thomas has mercy on us heathens, kaiser rolls are used on "specialty" sandwiches at Wendy's.

The title for German monarchs, emperors, and other such bigwigs. Don't confuse with Chancellor (as in Bismark), the guy who really runs the show.

Kaisers of note: Wilhelm I - Nice guy, didn't rock the boat too much.
Wilhelm II - I's grandson, an absolute prick, managed to piss off pretty much every government in Europe, and fired the architect of the newly unified Germany, the aforementioned Bismark.

Comes from the Latin Caesar, just like the Russian Czar.

Kai"ser (?), n. [Gr., fr. L. Caesar. Cf. Kesar, and Czar.]

The ancient title of emperors of Germany assumed by King William of Prussia when crowned sovereign of the new German empire in 1871.


© Webster 1913.

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