Rudolf I., or Rudolph, founder of the present imperial dynasty of Austria; born in Limburg castle in the Breisgau, Germany, May 1, 1218. His possessions were greatly increased by inheritance and by his marriage, till he was the most powerful prince of Swabia. In 1273 the electors chose him to be German king; as, never having been crowned by the Pope, he was not entitled to be called kaiser or emperor. His accession was opposed by none; the Pope's consent was secured at the price of certain rights already parted with by Rudolf's predecessors. Rudolf spent the greater part of his life that remained in suppressing the castles of the robber knights and putting an end to their lawless practices. He died in Spires, July 15, 1291, and was buried in the cathedral there.

Entry from Everybody's Cyclopedia, 1912.

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