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theobajw is the obligatory scraggly-haired, moody, pensive, introspective, thrift store-clothed, 20 year-old that many people don't understand. And he just switched his major (after two years) from computer science to philosophy. He doesn't feel that there is any real set meaning of life; however, he does not believe that that precludes one from making life meaningful. He doesn't necessarily want to live the "American dream," but he wouldn't rule out the possibility of maybe someday owning a bookshop, and living in a nice apartment with a like-minded woman. theobajw doesn't want to turn this space into something resembling a singles ad, but he makes no promises.

Things he likes: existentialism, transcendentalism, soup, nature, Unix-like operating systems, the Constitution of the United States of America, women who are not incredibly skinny, nutella, human rights, good cigarettes, cheap cigars, beagles, the occasional drunken stupor, women who wear glasses, free verse, writing, non-fiction books, old books, good coffee, different types of music.

Things he likes, but needs to explore further: surrealism, Dadaism, theater of the absurd, e2, photography, New England, hiking / backpacking, neo-hippie music, gitarre spielen, travelling the United States, life.

People he is interested in: Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, Walt Whitman, Salvador Dali, Ranier Maria Rilke, James Joyce, J.D. Salinger, Charles Bukowski, Alan Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, Leonard Cohen, Andy Kaufman, numerous others.

Things he dislikes: closed minds, censorship, blanket generalizations, religious zealotry, hangnails, capital punishment, poor grammar and spelling, people who cannot take a joke, consistent climates, vengeance, ex-girlfriends, dishonesty.

Things he dislikes about himself: not in shape like he used to be, fairly shy, dwells on the past way too much, doesn't speak up as much as he should.

He can't decide what his political leanings are. On the one hand, he is rather libertarian, because he dislikes government. On the other hand, he also dislikes commercialism and big companies. It seems as if some kind of control needs to be in place. But then, if sheeple are stupid enough to fall for all of this, then why not let them? Is government to be some sort of savior? He doesn't need a savior. Starting to sound a bit like Social Darwinism, but that's not what he wants. Ideally, theobajw would like to gather up his smart friends (not very many) and form a new nation. But as of now, it doesn't look very promising.

theobajw can't decide whether his being picky as all hell (dare he say elite?) is good or bad. At one time, he wasn't so picky, but his attitude changed when someone to whom he gave the benefit of the doubt crushed his heart. Now he's a cynical, elitist snob. He wasn't born this way. He's a product of his environment. He has a small circle of friends, and only one or two that he really identifies with; most of his good friends are women. He finds this to be both good and bad: good because he feels conversation with women to be enjoyable and satisfying, yet bad because he is attracted to women, and being just friends is sometimes disheartening. Most people have the tendency to annoy him, so he often keeps to himself. He is generally like a pig in shit when no one is around, and all the shades are down, and he's listening to some melancholy music. They think it's just a phase, but he hopes it's not.

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