Having to do with bodily functions that are generally seen as crude. Historically, scatological art has been among the most effective and funniest satire. For examples, check out Alfred Jarry's Ubu Roi, Beavis and Butthead, and Frank Zappa.

Something that pertains to excrement.

E.g. Scatological humour usually refers to jokes about shit.

The following would be a perfect example...
(from at least a dozen emails I've had at various times..)



  • Determinalists: You're destined for this shit. (This shit's for you)
  • Sophists: How much will you pay for this shit?
  • Stoics: This shit is good for me.


  • Archaeologists: Old shit.
  • Marines: Tough shit.
  • Proctologists: see Unitarians
  • Scientists: What is this shit? And can we reproduce it?



Role-Playing Games

  • Gurps: You can represent shit with a bell curve.
  • AD&D: More shit than in any other product line.
  • Vampire: Shit hides in deep, dark places.
  • Werewolf: Better shit than pollution!
  • Mage: Shit is relative; it's all in how you look at it.
  • Castle Falkenstein: This shit is steaming.
  • Over the Edge: What kind of weird shit is this?
  • Theatrix: Shit happens 'cause it's in the script.
  • Call of Cthulhu: Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit.
  • HOL: Everything is shit.
  • Psychosis: This shit ain't happening, man!
  • Magic: The Gathering: Our shit is worth more than your house.
  • Vampire: The Eternal Struggle: Same shit, different name.

College Life

  • Students: Shit! I'm late for class!
  • Cafeteria Food: Shit on a shingle.
  • English Class: Let's analyze this shit in great detail.
  • Physics: Shit/delta x
  • Computer Science: Shit++


  • Autism: I can't deal with this shit.
  • Bobby Knight: If shit happens, lay back and enjoy it.
  • Cult of the Sub-Genius: Bob says "shit."
  • Druggies: This is gooood shit.
  • Health Food Stores: 100% Natural shit.
  • Moonies: Only good shit happens.
  • Rastafarians: Can we smoke this shit?
  • Sherlock Holmes: This shit, given its size and colour, is obviously from a large African Elephant given to watching MTV and eating at Hardees...
  • Watson: No shit, Sherlock.
  • Vampires: This shit bites.

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