A pejorative term for members of the Unification Church, sometimes known as the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity.

A neutral term is Unificationists.

Derived from the name of their leader, Sun Myung Moon.

Moonies are reputed to be victims of mind control, but if so, it can't be very effective, since there have never been more than 10,000 Unification Church members in the U.S.A., and even at the peak, the attrition rate was staggering.

A moonie is a member of the Unification Church started and headed by Korean industrialist Yong Myung Moon b. 1920, who changed his name to Sun Myung Moon. The Church began in 1954 around the idea that Sun, often referred to as The Reverend Moon, was to follow in the steps of Jesus and bring the world together in a perfect family. The guy thinks he is the messiah.

One of the main teachings that Moonies must follow is the The Divine Principle which is a hodge-podge of twisted Old Testament/Christianity (Moonies feel Jesus and the Israelites failed God and so God looked to Korea for the New Jerusalem) and a bunch of numerology.

The moonies are secretive and rich. They own the Washington Times. The have a few hundred thousand followers worldwide and openly plan to take over the world and have it run by Moon the Christ Child. Everyone will have to learn Korean, that is part of it too.

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