This was a computer game designed by Sid Meier, which not surprisingly was a sequel to Civilization. The original Civilization was an excellent game, if you allow for the fact that it is very old it probably was one of the best computer games of all time. Like Civilization, the goal of Civilization II was to become either the ruler of the world or the first to reach Alpha Centuri. The combat and such was turn based, one of the only games with turn-based combat i ever enjoyed. As your civilization advanced, you balanced the need for money, defense, new technology, trade, happiness of the people, etc. There were up to 6 other civilizations at the time competing for the same things..

Civilization II expanded much on the theme, adding many things and correcting annoying charactaristics of Civilization, as well as changing the view, and adding new units and structures. No longer would it be acceptable for your enemy to mass-fortify outside your base in times of 'peace', unless they were your allies. Units were given hit points and some of the huge gaps in technology, like that time between catapults and cannons, when there was no decent attack unit. More stuff was added to the more advanced stages of play, as well. And a terrain editor was added, something i wish had been present in the original Civilization.

i still play this game sometimes when i'm bored... it and Warcraft II are games i probably can never get tired of. I have played the sequal, Alpha Centuri, but i personally prefer civ II to this game.. i guess its simpler, less sci-fi and more 'realistic' or something. Also my computer hates Alpha Centuri, and i can't distinguish the different terrain too well either

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