For the break of your life! Push it to pop it! Rock it to lock it! Break it to make it!

Now if that's not a perfect engrish video game text-bite, I don't know what is. But actually, it's the tagline for the 1984 movie Breakin'. Directed by Joel Silberg, who basically remade the whole damn movie in 1990 as Lambada, to cash in on a craze that seemed to last a week-and-a-half (his movie was the one without the save-the-rainforest subplot) ...but I digress.

It was all about a girl (Lucinda Dickey) who falls in love with a breakdancer (Adolfo Quinones, AKA Shabba-Doo) and learns how to do it herself. It's got a West Side Story-style subplot. It's got a soundtrack with the Bar-kays, Chaka Khan, Art of Noise, Al Jarreau and Kraftwerk. It's got Tappy Tibbons, Jean-Claude Van Damme in a damn cameo, and Ice-FREAKING-T.

80s insanity at its finest.