The brand-new, eleventh generation Skyline introduced in 2001, and the first to be exported to North America (as the Infiniti G35). A radical redesign for the first time ever robs the Skyline of its distinctive round taillights, and giving it a rather strange-looking front fascia, with teardrop-shaped vertical headlights (as opposed to the aggressive slanted-eye headlights of previous Skylines) -- the result is a Skyline that looks nothing like a Skyline. However, performance has not been lost on the V35.

Skyline V35 comes in five flavors, each powered by the new VQ "Neo" series engines, replacing the reliable RBs used since 1985. From the 250GTm and 250GT (2.5-liter straight-six @ 212 hp) base models and their ATTESA-ETS four wheel drive sister model, the 250 GT-FOUR; up to the 3-liter 300GT and the V8 powered, 272 horsepower 350GT-8 (the first time a production Skyline has used more than six cylinders. Incidentally the American G35 is the GT-8). A GT-R has not entered the lineup yet, but several GT-R concept cars have been tested. It is likely that it will continue to make use of ATTESA-ETS and Super HICAS. Engine specifications are unknown, but rumors abound that it will either use a turbocharged variant of the Nissan 350Z's VQ30DE engine or the 350GT-8's VQ35DE Neo. More information to be added as it becomes available.

The Skyline V35 and Infiniti G35 are currently still in production.

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