Exact robotic replica of Urkel, created by Urkel for Urkel.. and Laura (as seen on the long running sit-com Family Matters).

Eventually met its demise at the wrong end of a fire extinguisher after going mad for the love of the virginal Laura.

It is my contention, though I have no proof, that the actor who portrayed Urkelbot was none other than Michael "Bugaloo Shrimp" Chambers, known primarily for his groundbreaking work in 1984's Breakin' and its celebrated follow-up Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo.





There you have it: proof, I think, beyond any reasonable doubt.

Oh, plus, Michael "Bugaloo Shrimp" Chambers could really move a lot like a robot.

All information verified from "http://us.imdb.com/Name?Chambers,+Michael+(I)"


I am vindicated! Urkelbot was, in absolute fact, portrayed by the actor Michael "Bugaloo Shrimp" Chambers!

However, my triumph is tinged with shame. While I was right about what actor played Urkelbot, I was wrong about the order of events.

The sad fact is Michael "Bugaloo Shrimp" Chambers got his big break on Family Matters playing Urkelbot, not playing Emile in episode #5.18, "The Psycho Twins" (02/18/1994). His breakthrough role as Urkelbot came a full year earlier, in 1993.

Therefore, with much regret, I must relinquish my crown as "The Guy who knows more about the actor Michael 'Bugaloo Shrimp' Chambers than anyone in the world, other than, of course, the actor Michael 'Bugaloo Shrimp' Chambers himself."

I thank you, and, sadly, say goodbye.

for reference, see http://www.epguides.com

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