Driving to Durham, through fog and rain...

Sarah manages to drive the car off the side of a bridge; we fall about 10 feet to a sort of corduroy-road skirt. No damage. Try to follow the skirt to shore, but it collapses. Car floats, we paddle it to shore. Find a house, ask for phone to call AAA and school, let them know we'll be late. Bobby, a kid who lived up the street from me years ago, is there, and offers us supplies (Sobe, Silver Bullets, and a case each of Old Man Ale and Magic Hat No. 9, plus various junk foodstuffs and iced tea, all in bottles)... almost decide against taking beer (we are underage, and DUI = bad), but we figure it can stay in the trunk until school, where it goes in the fridge.

Soon enough, the car is ready to go... we ask directions to I-40 so we can get to durham. Folks tell us it's dangerous, we should find a motel, but we decide to press on.

We can't find I-40. We are in a Final Fantasy-type overhead view world, and the monsters are closing in. We slay them without remorse.

Finally find the interstate, get to durham, to school, check in, drink beers, sleep... all is well.

"School" in this case is the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics - my old high school... i definitely remember that i fell asleep (in the dream) in the room i inhabited there for 2 years