This is when all racehorses turn another year older, regardless of what day of the year they were born on - so a horse born on the 31st of July would be a 1 year old the next day.

Due to this fact, it's not so great to have a birthday on this day if you're a human.

August 1:

Lughnassadh: Old Irish-- named for Lugh Lamhada, Irish god of light, this is the first Celtic harvest festival of the year. In Irish myth, it is associated with Lugh's victory in forcing the Formorians in giving up the secrets of agriculture; it is also the feast of Tailtiu, the step-mother of Lugh, a harvest deity (associated with Telltown), and was celebrated with athletic competitions. It has been called the Irish Olympics. The name has survived as Lunasa, the Gaelic name for August. It also marks the descent of the sun towards the time of Samhain.

Lammas: Middle English -- from "Loaf Mass," a Christianization of Lughnassadh by the Scots (much like Candlemas); it celebrates the eucharist, which is made of a loaf of bread, and is a harvest festival.

In modern times, August 1 is considered a holy day by neo-pagans, especially druids and Wiccans; it is one of their Sabbats.

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