I have no special fondness for dream logs, but last night's dreams were quite unusual, and I've thought about them all day. I've missed my Paxil for a couple days, and I've been thinking all strangely since yesterday. If you actually read dream logs I suggest part IV especially, it's my favorite. So without further ado:

A six-part HongPong Serotinin-deprived guided tour of the subconscious

I. Our story begins in Madison, WI. There I accompany my real-life friend, to a gigantic Wal-mart, of which there are two kitty-corner through the capitol building. (We'll ignore the lack of space on that isthmus :) Inexplicably, my friend has shoplifted a $600 diamond from the jewelry corner, but we end up stuck in the store overnight. There are lots and lots of people in the store, but they shut off the lights and make everyone be very still or they get yelled at. It rather sucks, but he's not worried about getting caught. (a very cool guy, though we happened to go by a Wal-mart tonight and he said he was actually pretty scared of them) So at this point the perspective changed to a more movie-like angle, where I have some sort of control over things, but not really omnipotent.

II. In any case my friend (now transmogrified into this more tough guy) evades the police with astonishing, Jet Li-like agility and cunning. At that point the dream trails off into a new scenario.

III. The large translucent object, no longer a diamond, seems to make a resurfacing. Some nasty gangster-terrorists have taken control of some nuclear weapons and are going to destroy Los Angeles, using the translucent object as a key. There isn't much to be done, and so I and some other people bail in some of small container (like an escape hatch, but this is near present day) or maybe a Cessna-style aircraft. We fly through the air and barely make it to Mexico, where for some reason the effects of the Bomb end.

IV. At this point, my ability to control time resurfaces, as though I were making a movie, but I can go back in time to recompose events to make great scenes. And so our heroine enters a hotel lobby. She seems to be a businesswoman, serious but still kind. Ideally she is played by Natasha Henstridge, if available. She walks into the kitchen and immediately comes out with different clothing on, that of hotel maintenance. She goes for the service elevator because she knows that the elevator is being manned by one of the important person's security guards.

V. She arrives on the target's floor. As the camera, upside down as she approaches, rotates to track her, it comes right-side up and follows to her head. We can see now her wrist, a glowing hologram-display which she is touching. We can now see she is wearing heavy advanced-looking armor and a HUD on her head. We see from her point-of-view, outlines of people behind the wall. We see her approach the door, bravely because she is a trained assassin. We hear a whir, and her body suit, which is mechanical, slams her armored shoulder into the door, and it splinters in a moment.

In slow motion she jumps into the room, quickly plugging two security men and the politician before they can move. She whips around, grabs the translucent crystal key and fires a few more shots at the window. She jumps out the window unhesitantly and her suit's 2 gas thrusters slow her descent as her turbine-powered jumpjet swings around and she drops neatly inside and flies off. All of this, I feel, could be worked into a story I'm working on.

VI. Some other dreams were highly unpleasant because of the Paxil imbalance. For a while, I continually crashed a medium-sized cruise ship on some turny canals at too high a speed. After a while some mysterious happenings ensued and I had the horrible feeling of dreaming about falling asleep and becoming paralyzed. Every moment I thought it was about to happen, I shook myself out of my body, and it felt like in that Final Fantasy part where the spirits knock people's blue souls out of them. Like I was dying, in other words. Ugh! Altogether, visually interesting dreams which are still bugging me many hours later.

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