It was a concert. I didn't hear any music. But everyone was swaying, packed close. I was bathed in human warmth. I remembered I had been invited to this show by a friend from Northern California, so that means Manu and Chris couldn't be far away (They were invited too, but this dream isn't about them). It's about the woman up there singing. I don't hear a word she's saying, but I think I'm just too stricken by her beauty. She's got a face I've dreamt about before. A face I've met in life. But her hair was shorter than it had been when last I'd seen her, and she now had a nose ring. She was up on stage singing and dancing, yet she won't sing and she can't dance. She wore black, studded with silver that shined so bright it hurt to look at her. I tried to look around, see the rest of the band, but everything around her was blackness. There was no crowd, no arena, just her. The song ended. It must have, because she stopped moving. She just looked past me, her eyes sparkling, and smiled. I woke up, sure I would see her again, and hoping that this time, she would see me.

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