Heinous in Germany - 08 Jan 2001


I found a normal keyboard. I kind of miss calling it a kezboard for some reason (See Heinous in Germany - 07 Jan 2001). At any rate, my ramblings may make a bit more sense now.

After, amazingly, finding my way back to the hotel from Daniel's house, I took a shower and dove into bed. They have those nice douvet covers that are so comfortable. I woke up in the morning sometime around sunrise, which seems to be around 7:15 or so. I have no clock, so I am a bit in a time warp. I got dressed and packed up my stuff, trying to figure out how I got it all in my backpack the first time . . hmmn. Daniel called and groggily explained that he would be showing up sometime around 10ish, and then we would leave for Nuremberg. I decided to have some nice fruhstuck. I did.

Daniel finally showed up, and we took off for SuSE (after dropping his mother off because the train was broken after all of the tree branches fell on the traintracks.) People really do drive fast on the autobahn. Daniel had some problems finding Nuremberg, but he finally did. We roamed into the SuSE office. We managed to find Renate (the secretary of a really important guy), and she gave us some access card/key thingies for the doors. I was then dumped in Olaf's office (Olaf is the PPC god, with whom I work). I greeted Olaf, who was as excitable as ever (Olaf is not really that exciting). I roamed around for a bit and saw some of the office on my part of the 4th floor. I had a cigarette with Ule (or however you spell that) and Daniel.

I hacked around for a while, and then went to say hi to Marc Ruehrschneck (a guy whom I used to date, and almost moved to Germany with). We went and had lots more cigarettes with Edith (Marc's co-worker). Then Marc helped me find a bank to change my money. I now have lots of "monopoly" money. After this, Marc had to go see the dentist, so I went back to hacking around with Olaf.

Around 6 or 7 I started to feel extremely fatigued. I guess all of the not sleeping was catching up with me. Finally Daniel and I went in search of my hotel. It is called Florida Something. After driving in many circles (the whole town appears to be built on a big circle) we found the lovely "hotel". It was by far one of the most unpleasant hotels I had seen, but what the heck.

Daniel kindly gave me a phone card, after I noticed that the hotel room did not have a phone. I slept for some 13 hours.