In my dream I was 16, and I had a baby. I had to get two jobs in order to support myself and my child. 6 months down the line, I went to work and I left my child in the care of my older sister, who was on drugs, and who also happened to be a prostitute. That night when I got home, I saw a man called Tanny, who came around to our place once a week to get his 'share' of my sister's earnings. His car was parked outside, and I kept thinking to myself how much I despise seeing this man. As I got closer, I saw the car pull off in a hurry, and I felt rather relieved. I walked into our little apartment, and found my sister had been beaten up, and she was lying on the floor crying. I immediately ran to see if she was okay, and I knew that it was Tanny who had done this to her. She was crying, and could not get her words out properly as her lip was swolen. She kept saying 'Danna, Danna' (the name of my child). I didn't understand what she was trying to say; she looked worried. I went over to the little crib i had bought for my child, and as I looked into the crib, I fell to the ground crying; Danna had been taken.

My sister had said that Tanny told her that he could get a good price on babies, and that he was going to sell her. I ran through the streets of New York screaming, trying to find someone, anyone, help. I was alone.

It was 20 years later, I was walking down the street, to the office block that I worked at, and this little girl, couldn't have been more than 14, was holding a 6 month old baby. She told me she was trying to find this little baby's mother; it was my child. I was finally re-united with my baby.

I then woke up, still in my dream, and I was with my baby. I had been dreaming about it all, and then, I woke up from that. It was very puzzling, and all jumbled up.