Virus. Worm. Ack. That's all I'm going to say. Today is housecleaning day. All the silly panic and crazy authoritarian demands of the admins are fading from our collective consciousness. It's time to get back to worrying about war.

There have been more attacks on campus. An Indian man was threatened and shoved around by some cocky motherfuckers all hopped up on God, guts, guns, and glory. This is bullshit. Aside from the crappy logic of attacking someone because they're of Middle Eastern origin, I think some redneck fuckheads need to sign up for remedial geography/anthropology classes. See, guys, we've got these things called countries and continents. You might wanna check up on that stuff. Add in the historical relationship between India and Afganistan and the whole thing would be pretty comical if it wasn't so vicious and stupid. Some asshole that overheard me talking on the phone said that I needed to support my country and that his friends were just "blowing off some steam." My jaw dropped. The whole statement was so full of rich parallels that I just had to flee before shit got ugly. Well, I guess shit is already ugly.

Inevitably, under the huge stinking pile of human ugliness there is a positive note. Many student clubs (a good deal of which are geared towards international students) are forming coalitions and getting to know each other. The circumstances are unfortunate, to say the very least, but it's inspiring to see folks getting organized and dealing with the problems.

Still floundering along trying to find vulnerabilities in OS X. My ignorance about the world of BSD is coming back to haunt me. I admit that I'm a slave to the GUI. Even when I'm using the Linux box I tend to stay in a pretty pictures environment. Damn the graphic design background. I will figure this out. Me and the command line sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G. I will RTFM right after I get all this firewire shit configured. Please kill me. Thanks.