The term fuckhead has often been misinterpreted as merely a (person) of the type: clueless human. This is actually a misclasification of the shithead species. The "true" fuckhead is a clueless human who realizes his/her clueless state of existence and attempts to justify or capitalize upon it by being openly and outwardly obnoxious through the blatant display of their clueless nature. Whether this be done in spirit of humor (an attempt to pass off their social disability as an attempt at sarcasm) or malicious attempt to inflict mental damages upon those clued individuals surrounding them is irrelevant. The fuckhead is a clueless asshole who ironically worsens his sorry state of existence by ironic and purposeful magnification of his/her condition. The shithead is not beyond hope, but the fuckhead cannot be saved by even the mightiest gift of a cluepon. Terminate with extreme prejudice.

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