A form of denial-of-service attack perpetrated by hostile newbies at the expense of discussion on Usenet. The first well-known newsgroup invasion was inflicted by denizens of alt.bigfoot and alt.tasteless upon rec.pets.cats, and amounted to several tasteless folks flooding the froup with posts about eating or torturing cats.

Just as rude people IRL tend to rationalize their rudeness by saying, for instance, that they are only rude because people are assholes, so do newsgroup invaders and other net abusers (such as Son of GORTICIAN in the writeup that was formerly above), rationalize their abuses by calling their victims "fuckheads" or the like.

Participating in a newsgroup invasion violates the Acceptable Use Policies of most ISPs and other Usenet sites. If your site sysadmins are awake, you may lose your Usenet access, your account, or your genitalia.

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