Operation Flashpoint is an astounding first-person military sim, and is seen as the "breakthrough" title in the genre. Arguably, it is the best computer game about war ever made. Bohemia Interactive are a Czech coding team whose founders were apparently ex-soldiers, and this familiarity with the subject matter certainly pays dividends.

The atmosphere in the game, and the feeling of tension and fear, is unprecedented. Painstakingly edging through a village with your comrades (controlled by either the more than adequate AI, or even better, other players over a network) requires skill and concentration, with a radio system allowing for orders to be issued fairly easily. There are no on-screen targeting aids, and everything in the game is modelled as realistically as is practical.

You can't expect to fire with pinpoint accuracy when running, or shrug off being shot in the leg. The readme file describes such obsessive little touches as missiles being affected by the weight of fuel in their tubes, and AI soldiers putting on night vision goggles as appropriate. You can shoot the drivers of vehicles (and then commandeer them if you wish - all the types of vehicles present in the game can be used by the player).

The graphics, while variable in quality, are usually realistic enough for you to relate to the situation. The draw depth is particularly impressive. I can't add say much more about the game that hasn't been mentioned in the writeups above. There are flaws in the game, but as with Hidden & Dangerous (the last game to make waves in this genre), hopefully the game will get enough support from players to allow for a sequel so that the developers can do justice to their vision.