A new direction in massively-multiplayer combat game and produced by Cornered Rat Software, World War II Online allows players to take sides and fight a simulation of the last Great war in a First Person Shooter environment that also includes vehicles such as tanks and aircraft.

Some of the preview articles state: Graphics are easily on par with anything out today, and you have to consider the vastness of the playing field. One kilometre in real life is half a kilometre in the game. Imagine flying over half of Europe - that's something I doubt anyone will do in one session. The terrain is dynamically deformable, and changes made to it whilst you weren't playing will be downloaded. Vehicles, infantry and buildings are all 1:1 scale, so no problems there. Vehicles that have been destroyed will hang around for as long as people are near them, so you can use them as cover if need be. Buildings will require resources to repair, which opens up new tactics for diverting the enemy's attention to other things. There will be important buildings, such as factories and hangars. You could decide whether you want to destroy that building, giving an easy way to slow down enemy progress, or you could try to take it over, giving you increased resources or another base for an air squadron"

While some of these items are still being implemented, World War II Online is currently available for play and you can read more at http://www.wwiionline.com

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