forgotten friend

I woke up around 3 or so. It's not that I was up too late, certainly no more than usual, but I think yesterday's surgery knocked a bit out of me, even if it was just a mole removal. The day passed uneventfully until I heard a voice on the phone I hadn't heard in years. Celeste was calling after a two-year lapse or so. We had talked about getting together last summer but something happened and it never occurred. This time, she was asking if I could come to her party on Saturday. It was her first party since that eventful event (Gad what a pathetic statement) where I met Lily. She was having a hard house DJ spin and about 35 people hopefully show, it was BYOD. Too bad that weekend was dedicated towards Balboa Island. Oh well. Apparently, she's turned into a jungle bunny, all dancing and etarded out. I'm in serious lust, though I have no idea how she looks. How funny to think about little Satanic Celeste as a raver. We talked for a while about various things. She's going to USC, and seems to be aiming for a science major. She's been working as a waitress for two restaurants, one high-scale, and she's getting a lip/labret piercing this weekend. Kyuute! I can't explain how much a turn-on body piercing is when it's on the right women. Potentially embarrassing things aside (Having people you know in real-life read E2… sigh), seems Suriya's off to Lebanon, Alfred's a putz like always, and Nathan's off to Germany after pissing off everyone in California. Always interesting to see what old acquaintances are up to. We signed off with a promise to see each other next week and her promise to shove people aside to see me. I wonder why she bothered to contact me again, but I'm not complaining, and hopefully I can keep connected with her this time.


That was pretty much the highlight of the day. I played Mario Party 2 with David a bit - what a crappy game. There's such a lapse between action, and most of the games are lame. I really fail to see the attraction. Tom called in response to all the messages left and we talked for around an hour about various topics. He couldn't come to Balboa Island this weekend, but he should come the next. Our conversation was interrupted by a cigarette break on his part. I really feel sorry for his addiction to nicotine. He describes it as a hunger, how the enjoyment of smoking isn't in the act but in the cessation of unpleasant feelings. I'd never do a drug that you had to take in order to feel normal, but that's the monkey of physical addiction.