USC is the acronym for University of Southern California. This University is situated in a rather dangerous area within Los Angeles close to the Coliseum and Sports Arena. To the schools credit in the area of security they have enough money to ensure safety within a 2 or so mile radius. The students are known as being Trojans. They have been ranked in the first tier of schools by Newsweek consistently for quite some time and attained Time's "School of the year" award. They offer degree programs for a large number of majors for attaining a BA, BS, MS, or PhD.

This school is known to be a very large rival to UCLA with areas of the campus often times having FUCLA stickers adorned to them. The feud is so bad that the respective schools must increase security around campus during the time near their football games with each other to reduce the number of vandalizations.

Some unofficial alternate names for this university are:
University of Second Choice
University of Spoiled Children
University of South Central

It also may very well be the only place you can see an asian girl riding around on a skateboard while talking on a cell phone and sipping her cappuccino.

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