At this time of vigilance during the War on Terrorism it is surely comforting to know the government is using all of the many talents Americans possess to protect our nation.

Daily Variety reported that a meeting convened in secret last week at the ICT to present possible terrorist attack scenarios to federal intelligence officials.

Screenwriter Steven E. DeSouza (The Flintstones, Hudson Hawk), director Joseph Zito (Delta Force One, Missing in Action) and TV writer David Engelbach (MacGyver) were all there. Also on hand were David Fincher (Madonna’s Express Yourself and Vogue videos), Spike Jonze (Fat Boy Slim’s Praise You video, Being John Malkovich), and the screenwriting team of Paul De Meo and Danny Bilson Randall (The Rocketeer).

I am sure Randall Kleiser (Big Top Pee Wee, Grease 2) and Mary Lambert (My Stepson, My Lover, The In Crowd) had immense stores of valuable information to contribute (you never know if a terrorist strike might occur during a rousing musical number or perhaps a mind-control plan might arise through a strategically titled TV movie).

Rest easy America. Hollywood is on the case!

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