Vogue is one of the oldest, most-established fashion magazines in the world. They have a huge hand in deciding what is fashionable, and have had this influence for years. Vogue is always a huge, thick magazine.. unfortunately they have more ads than the Computer Shopper.

In addition to the American Vogue there are Vogue UK, Vogue Paris, Vogue Gioiello(Italian), Vogue Australia, Vogue Nippon (Japanese), a German Vogue, a Taiwanese Vogue, and a Korean Vogue; it is a fashion magazine powerhouse around the world.

As stated above it has a ton of advertisements. But to those of us who are absolutely obsessed with fashion this is a Good Thing. In the articles the pictures cannot show as much detail. They are giving a visual of some celebrity at a gala of some sort, or conveying an idea behind the next big trend. The advertisements on the other hand are beautiful detailed shots of an item or an outfit, which, sometimes, happen to be hanging on a model. Generally I don't read Vogue for the articles; I read it for the fashion, the clothes, so I love the advertisements. Plus they keep it cheap -- the September 2004 issue was 832 pages of nice magazine paper for $4.50 US.

Unlike other fashion magazines Vogue is not so concerned with "23 Great Double-Secret Sex Tips Every Man Wants You to Know But Are Too Embarrassed to Tell". It does have some articles that I don't care for, but I'm not in charge of the magazine. Vogue is about Fashion. Vogue is about putting beautiful clothing on beautiful people for me to admire. And at this it does a pretty damned good job.

Vogue (?), n. [F. vogue a rowing, vogue, fashion, It. voga, fr. vogare to row, to sail; probably fr. OHG. wagn to move, akin to E. way. Cf. Way.]


The way or fashion of people at any particular time; temporary mode, custom, or practice; popular reception for the time; -- used now generally in the phrase in vogue.

One vogue, one vein, One air of thoughts usurps my brain. Herbert.

Whatsoever its vogue may be, I still flatter myself that the parents of the growing generation will be satisfied with what to be taught to their children in Westminster, in Eton, or in Winchester. Burke.

Use may revive the obsoletest words, And banish those that now are most in vogue. Roscommon.


Influence; power; sway.




© Webster 1913.

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