Despite the opinion of some, we are not the worst sports fans, we're some of the best. We did not cheer the fact that Irving got paralyzed, but we did boo Deon Sanders for acting like an ass during that game. At least we don't throw snowballs at opposing teams, or even at our own team for that matter.

That said, Philadelphia is a great sporting town. Despite what the biased media would tell you, we are merely passionate about our teams. Either we love them, or we hate them, and when we hate them, we hate them with a passion.

Aside from the many professional teams we have...

Philadelphia is home to the Penn Relays (a major track-and-field event), as well as the 2001 2002 X-Games.

Philadelphia is also home to the nation's first sports-only radio station, 610 WIP. The radio station hosts Wing Bowl, a wing-eating contest which will enter its 11th edition in 2003. Wing Bowl is traditionally held on Super Bowl Friday, and although was originally created in jest to the Buffallo Bill's 4 straight Super Bowl losses, is now an event so large that it fills up the First Union Center at 6 in the morning. No kidding.

To host so many teams, Philadelphia currently has several "pro" venues. The Wachovia Center is home to the Sixers and Flyers, and both the Center and the Wachovia Spectrum play home to the Kixx, Wings, Soul, Phantoms, and so on depending on what the schedules are. Lincoln Financial Field (affectionately known as The Linc) is now home to the Eagles, and Citizens' Bank Park (cute short name still pending) is the Phillie's new home. Veterans' Stadium was demolished in Spring 2004.

One more thing, the Eagles are pronounced Iggles within Philadelphia city limits. Attempting to do the same without at least living in South Jersey will get you in trouble.