The NFL championship game of professional American football, played annually by the top teams of the AFC and NFC.

Americans seem to consider this the most significant yearly sports event, and get glued to their TVs whenever Super Sunday rolls around. Consequently, advertisers pay exhorbitant fees to show their commercials to this vast audience. They're usually pretty good, too.

An event during which many new commercials are played. These commercials often try to be humorous but fail. The most successful Super Bowl advertisement was Apple Computer's 1984 ad, which introduced the Macintosh and portrayed IBM as Big Brother (if only they had known more about Microsoft...). Today these commercials usually cost about $2 million a pop.

Oh yeah, apparently there's some kind of game involved too. Don't know what that's all about.

Super Bowl Results – 1967-2022

GameDateWinnerLoserMVPHost city
Super Bowl IJanuary 15, 1967Green Bay Packers (35)Kansas City Chiefs (10)Bart StarrLos Angeles
Super Bowl IIJanuary 14, 1968Green Bay Packers (33)Oakland Raiders (14)Bart StarrMiami
Super Bowl IIIJanuary 12, 1969New York Jets (16)Baltimore Colts (7)Joe NamathMiami
Super Bowl IVJanuary 11, 1970Kansas City Chiefs (23)Minnesota Vikings (7)Len DawsonNew Orleans
Super Bowl VJanuary 17, 1971Baltimore Colts (16)Dallas Cowboys (13)Chuck HowleyMiami
Super Bowl VIJanuary 16, 1972Dallas Cowboys (24)Miami Dolphins (3)Roger StaubachNew Orleans
Super Bowl VIIJanuary 14, 1973Miami Dolphins (14)Washington Redskins (7)Jake ScottLos Angeles
Super Bowl VIIIJanuary 13, 1974Miami Dolphins (24)Minnesota Vikings (7)Larry CsonkaHouston
Super Bowl IXJanuary 12, 1975Pittsburgh Steelers (16)Minnesota Vikings (6)Franco HarrisNew Orleans
Super Bowl XJanuary 18, 1976Pittsburgh Steelers (21)Dallas Cowboys (17)Lynn SwannMiami
Super Bowl XIJanuary 9, 1977Oakland Raiders (32)Minnesota Vikings (14)Fred BiletnikoffPasadena
Super Bowl XIIJanuary 15, 1978Dallas Cowboys (27)Denver Broncos (10)Randy White
Harvey Martin
New Orleans
Super Bowl XIIIJanuary 21, 1979Pittsburgh Steelers (35)Dallas Cowboys (31)Terry BradshawMiami
Super Bowl XIVJanuary 20, 1980Pittsburgh Steelers (31)Los Angeles Rams (19)Terry BradshawPasadena
Super Bowl XVJanuary 25, 1981Oakland Raiders (27)Philadelphia Eagles (10)Jim PlunkettNew Orleans
Super Bowl XVIJanuary 24, 1982San Francisco 49ers (26)Cincinnati Bengals (21)Joe MontanaPontiac
Super Bowl XVIIJanuary 30, 1983Washington Redskins (27)Miami Dolphins (17)John RigginsPasadena
Super Bowl XVIIIJanuary 22, 1984Los Angeles Raiders (38)Washington Redskins (9)Marcus AllenTampa
Super Bowl XIXJanuary 20, 1985San Francisco 49ers (38)Miami Dolphins (16)Joe MontanaStanford
Super Bowl XXJanuary 26, 1986Chicago Bears (46)New England Patriots (10)Richard DentNew Orleans
Super Bowl XXIJanuary 25, 1987New York Giants (39)Denver Broncos (20)Phil SimmsPasadena
Super Bowl XXIIJanuary 31, 1988Washington Redskins (42)Denver Broncos (10)Doug WilliamsSan Diego
Super Bowl XXIIIJanuary 22, 1989San Francisco 49ers (20)Cincinnati Bengals (16)Jerry RiceMiami
Super Bowl XXIVJanuary 28, 1990San Francisco 49ers (55)Denver Broncos (10)Joe MontanaNew Orleans
Super Bowl XXVJanuary 27, 1991New York Giants (20)Buffalo Bills (19)Ottis AndersonTampa
Super Bowl XXVIJanuary 26, 1992Washington Redskins (37)Buffalo Bills (24)Mark RypienMinneapolis
Super Bowl XXVIIJanuary 31, 1993Dallas Cowboys (52)Buffalo Bills (17)Troy AikmanPasadena
Super Bowl XXVIIIJanuary 30, 1994Dallas Cowboys (30)Buffalo Bills (13)Emmitt SmithAtlanta
Super Bowl XXIXJanuary 29, 1995San Francisco 49ers (49)San Diego Chargers (26)Steve YoungMiami
Super Bowl XXXJanuary 28, 1996Dallas Cowboys (27)Pittsburgh Steelers (17)Larry BrownTempe
Super Bowl XXXIJanuary 26, 1997Green Bay Packers (35)New England Patriots (21)Desmond HowardNew Orleans
Super Bowl XXXIIJanuary 25, 1998Denver Broncos (31)Green Bay Packers (24)Terrell DavisSan Diego
Super Bowl XXXIIIJanuary 31, 1999Denver Broncos (34)Atlanta Falcons (19)John ElwayMiami
Super Bowl XXXIVJanuary 30, 2000St. Louis Rams (23)Tennessee Titans (16)Kurt WarnerAtlanta
Super Bowl XXXVJanuary 28, 2001Baltimore Ravens (34)New York Giants (7)Ray LewisTampa
Super Bowl XXXVIFebruary 3, 2002New England Patriots (20)St. Louis Rams (17)Tom BradyNew Orleans
Super Bowl XXXVIIJanuary 26, 2003Tampa Bay Buccaneers (48)Oakland Raiders (21)Dexter JacksonSan Diego
Super Bowl XXXVIIIFebruary 1, 2004New England Patriots (32)Carolina Panthers (29)Tom BradyHouston
Super Bowl XXXIXFebruary 6, 2005New England Patriots (24)Philadelphia Eagles (21)Deion BranchJacksonville
Super Bowl XLFebruary 5, 2006Pittsburgh Steelers (21)Seattle Seahawks (10)Hines WardDetroit
Super Bowl XLIFebruary 4, 2007Indianapolis Colts (29)Chicago Bears (17)Peyton ManningMiami
Super Bowl XLIIFebruary 3, 2008New York Giants (17)New England Patriots (14)Eli ManningGlendale
Super Bowl XLIIIFebruary 1, 2009Pittsburgh Steelers (27)Arizona Cardinals (23)Santonio HolmesTampa
Super Bowl XLIVFebruary 7, 2010New Orleans Saints (31)Indianapolis Colts (17)Drew BreesMiami
Super Bowl XLVFebruary 6, 2011Green Bay Packers (31)Pittsburgh Steelers (25)Aaron RodgersArlington
Super Bowl XLVIFebruary 6, 2012New York Giants (21)New England Patriots (17)Eli ManningIndianapolis
Super Bowl XLVIIFebruary 3, 2013Baltimore Ravens (34)San Francisco 49ers (31)Joe FlaccoNew Orleans
Super Bowl XLVIIIFebruary 2, 2014Seattle Seahawks (43)Denver Broncos (8)Malcolm SmithEast Rutherford
Super Bowl XLIXFebruary 1, 2015New England Patriots (28)Seattle Seahawks (24)Tom BradyGlendale
Super Bowl LFebruary 7, 2016Denver Broncos (24)Carolina Panthers (10)Von MillerSanta Clara
Super Bowl LIFebruary 5, 2017New England Patriots (34)Atlanta Falcons (28)Tom BradyHouston
Super Bowl LIIFebruary 4, 2018Philadelphia Eagles (41)New England Patriots (33)Nick FolesMinneapolis
Super Bowl LIIIFebruary 3, 2019New England Patriots (13)Los Angeles Rams (3)Julian EdelmanAtlanta
Super Bowl LIVFebruary 2, 2020Kansas City Chiefs (31)San Francisco 49ers (20)Patrick MahomesMiami
Super Bowl LVFebruary 7, 2021Tampa Bay Buccaneers (31)Kansas City Chiefs (9)Carl CheffersTampa
Super Bowl LVIFebruary 6, 2022Los Angeles Rams (23)Cincinnati Bengals (20)Ron TorbertLos Angeles
Super Bowl LVIIFebruary 12, 2023   Glendale
Super Bowl LVIIIFebruary 11, 2024   Las Vegas
Super Bowl LIXFebruary 9, 2025   New Orleans
Super Bowl LX     

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