The World Bowl is the NFL Europe (and former World League of American Football) equivalent to the Super Bowl. As there are only 6 teams in this league (though the league is discussing about an expansion), no playoffs are being helt. The two best teams during regular season get into the World Bowl.

World Bowl Winners

Worlde League of American Football
World Bowl I 1991 London Monarchs - Barcelona Dragons 21:0
World Bowl II 1992 Sacramento Surge - Orlando Thunder 21:17
World Bowl III 1995 Frankfurt Galaxy - Amsterdam Admirals 26:22
World Bowl IV 1996 Scottish Claymores - Frankfurt Galaxy 32:27
World Bowl V 1997 Barcelona Dragons - Rhein Fire 38:24
NFL Europe
World Bowl VI 1998 Rhein Fire - Frankfurt Galaxy 34:10
World Bowl VII 1999 Frankfurt Galaxy - Barcelona Dragons 38:24
World Bowl VIII 2000 Rhein Fire Scottish Claymores 13:10
World Bowl IX 2001 Berlin Thunder - Barcelona Dragons 24:17
World Bowl X 2002 Berlin Thunder - Rhein Fire 26:20

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