Prediction: Giants: 34, Ravens: 10

As of this posting, Baltimore is favored by 3 points and the over/under is 32.5.* However, if anyone is interested in a small wager I would be willing to bet $5 or so that the Giants will win outright. Any Ravens fans out there? Check back! I'll add any takers to the WU for bragging rights; yours or mine, we'll see.

*Odds given at http://sport.excite.com/nfl/odds/

Result: Ravens: 34, Giants: 7

I got amazingly close to the score, but I wish I had gotten the winner correct instead. No one here backed the Ravens, so at least I have my money to keep me warm.

Here's a summary of what went down

The game was played on Sunday, 28 January 2001 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. Kickoff was at 6:28 pm EST, and it was partly cloudy with a temperature at 68o F and a 8 mph breeze from the west. The Giants were the de facto home team.

The Ravens defense was totally dominating, and would have given Baltimore a shut out except for a kickoff returned 97 yards for a touchdown by Ron Dixon at the end of the third quarter. Embarassingly, on the ensuing Giants' kickoff, J. Lewis scored a touchdown for the Ravens with an 84 yard return.

From www.superbowl.com:

Starting Players:

         Baltimore Ravens
   Offense              Defense
WR 87 Q.Ismail      LDE 90 R.Burnett
LT 75 J.Ogden       LDT 95 S.Adams
LG 64 E.Mulitalo    RDT 98 T.Siragusa
C  60 J.Mitchell    RDE 99 M.McCrary
RG 62 M.Flynn       LLB 58 P.Boulware
OT 70 H.Swayne      MLB 52 R.Lewis
TE 82 S.Sharpe      RLB 55 J.Sharper
WR 80 B.Stokley     LCB 22 D.Starks
QB  8 T.Dilfer      RCB 21 C.McAlister
FB 32 S.Gash        SS  20 K.Herring
RB 33 P.Holmes      FS  26 R.Woodson

         New York Giants
   Offense             Defense
WR 81 A.Toomer      LDE 92 M.Strahan
LT 76 L.Brown       LDT 97 C.Griffin
LG 62 G.Parker      RDT 75 K.Hamilton
C  52 D.Zeigler     RDE 94 C.Jones
RG 65 R.Stone       MLB 58 M.Barrow
RT 77 L.Petitgout   OLB 98 J.Armstead
WR 88 I.Hilliard    CB  26 E.McDaniel
QB  5 K.Collins     LCB 41 D.Thomas
WR 86 R.Dixon       RCB 31 J.Sehorn
FB 34 G.Comella     SS  20 S.Garnes
RB 21 T.Barber      FS 36 S.Williams

Scoring Plays:

Team  Qtr  Time    Play Description (Extra Point) (Drive Info)
Ravens  1  6:50 B.Stokley 38 yd. pass from T.Dilfer (M.Stover kick) (2-41, 0:45) 
Ravens  2  1:41 M.Stover 47 yd. Field Goal (7-59, 2:28) 
Ravens  3  3:49 D.Starks 49 yd. interception return (M.Stover kick)
Giants  3  3:31 R.Dixon 97 yd. kickoff return (B.Daluiso kick) (0-0, 0:18) 
Ravens  3  3:13 Je.Lewis 84 yd. kickoff return (M.Stover kick) (0-0, 0:18) 
Ravens  4  8:45 Ja.Lewis 3 yd. run (M.Stover kick) (6-38, 4:17) 
Ravens  4  5:27 M.Stover 34 yd. Field Goal (5-18, 3:02) 

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