It's a little strange - I have remembered dreams with a greater clarity over the past few days... does anyone else have this periodic remembrance? Hmm, on with the dream:

I've travelled back in time to the Victorian era with 3 other strangers. The first looks like Brad Pitt with longer hair, the second like Dr Hillary Jones and the last was a woman; not my Dream Girl but Germaine Greer of all people.

We were in a social club with scientists exchanging ideas. A very obnoxious person, looking a lot like my Project leader was dismissing my idea for a flying machine. I angrily stood up from the table and lead him (forcefully, by the arm) to my lab area (conveniently attached to the social club :-) There I showed him exactly how well the machine flew. He laughed at me, shouting to his friends that the machine had no power and couldn't drive itself.

Brad Pitt guy reminds me about propellers - I quickly build one and my flying machine (looking very steam punk) swoops over London.

The owner of the club introduces me to his daughter. I smile as I recognise Dream Girl, she smiles at me.

We cuddle and smooch in the lab - we make love under the flying machine.