I recall a large factory, which I was forced to work in, doing some menial work or other (chopping broccili, maybe... who knows?). I escape and turn around, expecting to see corrugated aluminum siding behind me; instead, it's an old Victorian mansion-cum-hotel with a Rolls in front.

I walk around for a bit; I forget what happens here.

In an alleyway next to the mansion, a girl that I recognize but I've never met (underground socialite butterfly type; she's everywhere, tempting 'older' men such as myself with her admittedly illegal charms) walks by wearing a loose blue scrap for a blouse - all points north are visible. She catches me staring at her breasts, and disrobes with a coquettish smile. She lies on the ground, spread open (but wearing dark blue jeans) and beckons me; I position myself over her (but don't touch her; I get as close as possible) and smile back ferally at her. Now she's slightly scared. She didn't expect a reaction, but I think she's rolling with it, albeit unsteadily; a nervous, nervy grin. Words are exchanged, ending with me shaking my head and saying 'sorry', while thinking something along the lines of y'ain't gettin' none'a this. I push her away, but I accidentally place my hands on her neck; she interprets that as an attempt at strangulation. A hurried apology and she backs off, but two strangers with silencers appear, and the story shifts to an 'outwit the bad guy' feel.

I lay at the bottom of a stairwell, a dead body above me, not moving, not breathing, listening to the light woosh-clink of the muted pistols one floor up. The assassins do not come down the stairs. I escape. After I wake up, I wonder what happened to the girl.

From there the dream progresses into a more familiar territory, except I can't recall what it was; gardening? I'm not sure. I usually don't have exciting dreams. I'm not sure what brought this one on.