Today was the most boring days I've had in a while.
Last night, they had been forecasting 5-8 inches of snow. Some teenagers would put off all schoolwork in anticipation of a snow day. I, however, live in the Des Moines Public Schools district. As in Des Moines, Iowa. This means that due to the ungodly amount of snow we have been known to have, it takes a tiny miracle to get the schools to shut down. Oh, the school districts for our suburbs and other cities in central Iowa are smart enough to shut down school, but our sadistic school board has a real problem with the whole idea. So I continued to prepare for my Monday as I normally do. This consisted of doing homework that I had the whole weekend to do but chose not to.
I woke up at 6:15 this morning. As I pried myself out of my warm, almost womb-like bed, I decided that we must have school since my parents had not told me otherwise. Of course, the first thing my mother told me was that school had been cancelled. I did not feel elation or any joy. Rather, I felt a type of emptiness. My plans for the day had been ripped from me! They weren't very enjoyable plans, but they were mine, dammit! I proceeded to go through my morning routine. I get up at 6:15 every day anyways, so I had no desire to go back to sleep. I spent most of the day playing Final Fantasy III. That's right, my Super Nintendo has yet to fail me. This monotony was broken by brief episodes of activity, none too exciting.
I thought that by now someone else would surely have shared about the god-awful weather in the Midwest, but I see only one post from Illinois. In Des Moines, we were at 1 degree pretty much all day, with wind chill of -30 to -40 degrees. It was not a fun day to be outside, as I had to be twice. But then again, any other climate would sort of weird me out at this point in my life. Snow and bad weather is normal and acceptable here. I love it, although I must admit that I hate it as well.