Shit UK TV personality Noel Edmunds started out as a Radio 1 DJ before "progressing" to Saturday Morning TV. Multi Coloured Swap shop was an amusingly crap attempt by the BBC to come up with an alternative to the superb Tiswas. Despite being hampered by it's absurdity and lack of jokes the formula of Swap Shop continues to this day.

Afterwards Edmunds again moved on to another vehicle for his labyrinthine ego, this being "The Late, Late Breakfast Show"(it was transmitted at Saturday around 6:00pm) which saw Edmunds finding numerous excuses to abuse the public. This ended in disaster with a man dying(yes seriously) when a stunt he had been asked to perform went wrong. The show was immediatly canceled.

Edmunds career continued with the, also recently cancelled, "Noel's house party" another excuse to abuse and terrorise innocent members of the public.

One "hilarious" joke that was carried out each week on an unwiting viewer was the placement of a camera in their TV. Everyone at home would watch as the subject degraded themself for the camera. This stunt backfired when Edmunds set up fellow crap celebrity Chris Evans. Apparently when Edmunds was due to switch the camera to Evans' house Evans was having his usual wank over an episode of Baywatch. The highly confused Edmunds had to fill and fill and fill until Evans creamed himself.

Noel is currently planning another series, this time with ITV.